Two Schools outside of Eldoret, Kenya

Eldoret, Kenya

Shots from the Trip

About the Community

During this trip, we partnered with the Kenyan social innovation incubator Spice Without Borders to organize our upcoming workshops with Greenlight Academy in Eldoret (in the Rift Valley region of western Kenya) and Patrician Primary School in nearby Kabongo. We hosted a series of some of our biggest workshop with students. and with teachers in the community with the help of Spice's grassroots organizing.

We touched ground on April 30th and stayed two weeks in this warm, community. Check out our play-by-by and cultural bootcamp on our Instagram!

Status: Completed
Grades workshopped: 4-8, Teachers Students workshopped: 122 Stories collected: 122
Though all students create and present their own original stories in the workshops, this number reflects the number of older students (grades 6 and up) who wrote their stories for posterity as their final deliverable.i