Ebenezer Presbyterian School

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Walewale, Ghana

Shots from the Trip

About the Community

Walewale is a small village in the far north of Ghana, just a few hours past Kumasi and slightly short of the border of Burkina Faso. Our partner, SYTO, works regularly in Walewale, and so connected us with the teachers at the school and housed us nearby. The school is renowned in the region for its advanced english-language proficiency, to which we can attest! We worked most of our time with a mixed class of older students ("Form 3" in Ghana) and had a blast together.

Status: Completed
Grades workshopped: 6, 7, 8 Students workshopped: 70 Stories collected: 34
Though all students create and present their own original stories in the workshops, this number reflects the number of older students (grades 6 and up) who wrote their stories for posterity as their final deliverable.i