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Women Continue Us

Come back with us to the days of medieval Nepali lore, re-imagined by a Grade 7 student from Kathmandu during our first trip to Nepal. In her story, we catch a glimpse of life in an enchanted kingdom at the cross-section of various cultures, and a king with a touch of male hubris learns a valuable lesson when a wish to Lord Shiva is blown well out of proportions.

  • Intended Reading Level: Ages 6 and Up
  • Pages: 22
Our Author: 13-Year-Old


Kathmandu, Nepal

I am passionate about makeup and hair design, and love to paint others. Dancing is also my hobby. My goal is to be a doctor when I grow up, so I can be the person who helps others in need. I wrote this story to prove the importance of women. Still, in many rural places, it is common to dominate women, and this allows other problems like women trafficking to continue.

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