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Yucatán is a stronghold for Maya life today, but an understanding of that heritage, like many other indigenous cultures, is slipping among the younger generations there, who seldom understand the language. In no small part, this is because all things indigenous have long been treated as lesser in Mexico. Especially concerning to us, this means that literature in the Maya language has long been relegated to the archaeological. As a result, many Maya descendants today feel out of touch with an important part of their identities. For the young to truly connect with this world so that they can steward and preserve it, it has to be rendered first available and understandable to them. So we are proud to produce this contemporary literature, written about everyday subjects that would seriously concern fellow students in their own lives. We have sent these books back to our workshop partner, Proyecto Itzaes’ centers, in order to inspire in its visitors a vision of a modern Maya life. And we thank Octavio Cordoba for his lively illustrations accompanying Emannuel’s text!

  • Intended Reading Level: Ages 6 and Up
  • Pages: 50
Our Author: 21-Year-Old

Emannuel Koyoc Ek

Yucatán, Mexico

Emmanuel, or Mani, has always had the urge to travel. Born and raised in Ixil, Yucatán, he cannot wait to finish his degree in biological pharmaceutical chemistry so that he can follow after his parents' passion to take in new sights, sounds, and experiences.

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