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By bringing this book into your home, you directly further the education of future child authors like these.


Folk Stories of Mpumalanga

Our second ever print is a collection of stories from students from the villages of Hazyview and Justicia, Mpumalanga, whom we served in the summer of 2016 during our visit to the Good Work Foundation's after-school digital learning centers. These are coupled by an illustrated story written by Zimbabwe-born author, Bridgett Pitt, and chosen by Leo Ndlovu, a Grade 7 student from Mpumalanga. It is organized slightly differently than the other books. The stories come from the first workshop we ever did, predating Rakonto’s existence by a year and a half, and our focus during the workshop was heavier on oral storytelling. This meant we only ended up with written stories in a few classes, and shorter ones at that. So we figured letting the kids choose an author whose work has been meaningful to them could provide the happy medium alongside their stories. Readers of this book will get a taste of a colorful array of students' perspectives and visions.

  • Intended Reading Level: Ages 6-13
  • Pages: 51
Our Author: 13-Year-Old

GWF Students and Bridgett Pitt

Mpumalanga, South Africa

The students from Hazyview and Mpumalanga were Grade 7 and Grade 8 students at the time of writing. Bridgett Pitt, meanwhile, is an environmental activist and author who is read by children across South Africa, raising their awareness of their rich cultural heritage and inspiring them to take care of this inheritance.

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