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Why you might want to host a Rakonto workshop:

Strengthening Students' Voices

Rakonto workshops strengthen students’ abilities to communicate expressively, to employ critical thinking, and to imagine. They also help students uncover and refine their own personal narratives for the purpose of living meaningful lives and communicating to others what they believe in order to effect positive social change. By the end of a workshop, every student will have learned the power and principles of story and have produced multiple original stories to share with the world. Moreover, we will amplify their voices by printing each story into either a fully-illustrated storybook or a compilation booklet to share with our sponsoring families around the world.

Advancing your school's pedagogy

Workshops are also an opportunity to bring a progressive pedagogical style into your classroom. While it is essential to offer to students content-related knowledge, there is only so much classroom time for students to learn all of life’s important lessons. We believe, therefore, that the main purpose of education is to cultivate lovers of learning who venture out into the real world able to continue their education independently. For this reason, our workshops employ inquiry-based, interactive, and highly-collaborative teaching methods, fused with the creative “Design Thinking” methodology that make highly visible the process of complex problem solving and creative production so that it can transfer to real world contexts. Bringing this workshop into your classrooms is a great way to get a feel for these cutting-edge practices. We offer a complimentary workshop on “Creativity in the Classroom” for teachers, as well, breaking down the student-oriented workshop and helping teachers to incorporate its principles into their own curricula.

For more information on what goes into the “Telling Your Story” and “Creativity in the Classroom” workshops, please see the following PDF document or follow the link to the page below:

What goes into a workshop?
More about our workshops

Best of all, it’s free to bring a Rakonto facilitator to your community!

Rakonto workshops are entirely funded by our sustainable cycle. Our sponsors support workshops on a monthly basis. In return, at the end of each workshop, a story is selected to be illustrated and printed and offered to our sponsors as a thank you for their monthly support and a means of sharing a child’s imagination with another learner around the world. This means that the evidence of students’ learning goes to future students’ learning.

It also means means that the cost of a facilitator’s travel is entirely paid for, and any lodging provided will be totally reimbursed to the host community. Rakonto guarantees that there will be no cost to you to invite us over.

All we need is…

A community willing to accept a facilitator for roughly a week, and work the workshops into their schedules. Facilitators can workshop with roughly twenty students, anywhere between grades 4 and 12, at a time. These workshops can take between 2 to 5 hours depending on the grade (5 is a high bound for the older students). If your curriculum can fit in these periods, then you are totally eligible for a workshop!

Sometimes, younger classrooms benefit when a school provides their own English translator, but this is optional.

How requesting a workshop will work:

First, you just need to fill out the Request Form contained on this page. Once you do, we should be in contact shortly. We’ll set up a preliminary call in which we learn about you and your community, its needs and its challenges, and we’ll select a week that’s optimal for a visit.

Then, when we are within a month of our date, we’ll have another call coordinating our schedule, splitting students into groups and getting a sense for when each student will join a workshop. We will also request some information in the form of a short write-up about the school, as well as some images to feature on our website and our social media.

Once these are set, we’ll buy travel tickets for our Rakonto facilitator, confirm them with you, and then prepare for our visit!

The kind things past hosts have said...

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